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Tuning Fork Sound Practitioner

This 3-day certificated Sound Therapy course will teach the Foundation Principals of the Suara Sound Academy, founded by Debbi Walker.

During this in-depth training course you will be completely immersed in the energy of the Clear, Cleanse Balance System, learning and fully integrating the relaxing properties and potential health and well being benefits this tuning fork sound healing system can bring – for yourself and potential clients.

End Of Life Sound Practitioner

This in-depth 8-day certificated course is taught twice a year – one course runs over 4 weekends based in Hertfordshire, another is run as two 4-day intensives in South Devon.

Reiki Level 1

This in-depth Reiki training takes place over a total of 3 days; 2 days for the initial training and attunement, followed by a third day of consolidation, feedback and practice a month or so later (depending on the group’s need).

Reiki Level 2

The course starts with a group meditation and initial Reiki attunement (empowerment), followed by a combination of theory and practice sessions. These sessions will teach you how to confidently practice Reiki treatments on yourself (incorporating sound therapy), as well as your family and friends.

Reiki Level 3

Details coming soon.

8 week Mindfulness Course

This deeply nourishing and empowering course is packed with practical mindfulness and meditation techniques, and is designed to dispel the common myth of “I can’t meditate”.

Over the course of our 8 weeks together, you will learn how to access your own meditative state.

Chakra Wisdom Course

Details coming soon.