End of Life Sound Practitioner

8-day certified End of Life Practitioner Course

(incorporating Sound Healing and TLC™)



This course is taught twice a year – one course runs over 4 weekends based in South Devon, another is run as two 4-day intensives in Hertfordshire.

Further information will be uploaded shortly.


What this course will teach you:

As an End-of-Life (Sound) Practitioner, you will be able to:
  • Support clients through the holistic stages of dying using
    • Sound (tuning forks, singing bowls, voice and meditative music)
    • Gentle touch
    • Deep listening
    • Holding sacred space
    • Applying the principles of Felicity Warner’s TLC™ Approach (see TLC at End Of Life for further details)
  • Facilitate relaxation and ease stress and anxiety for clients as they approach end of life
  • Offer compassionate support and guidance to those who are caring for a dying friend or loved one
  • Carefully manage their own self-care needs whilst attending to the needs of the dying

By applying the knowledge and practical skills gained through this personally empowering end-of-life practitioner training course, students will be fully equipped to support their clients in achieving a more peaceful, dignified and gentle transition from life to death.

The completion of case studies, a written assignment and a personal reflection journal are required and certification is awarded following assessment of theory and practical work.

The course is open to anyone interested in being able to offer holistic end-of-life care, whether on a personal or professional basis.

If you have no prior experience of sound healing, entry to this course will require attendance of a one-day Introduction to Sound Healing workshop.

Dates and Location:

The 2019 course is now full and currently in progress.  2020 course dates and locations will be published shortly.


£1100 (Includes manual, tuning forks, 8 days training and TLC certificate)