Palliative Sound Practitioner

A 7-day certified practitioner course that seamlessly integrates sound healing with holistic end-of-life care training.

This course is taught over two 3-day weekends or three 2-day weekends. The final day is arranged separately once all your coursework and case studies have been completed, and incorporates a coursework review, practical assessment and a 3-hour bespoke business coaching session.    

What this course will teach you:

As a Palliative Sound Practitioner student you will learn how to:
  • Support clients from early diagnosis to the end of life through
    • Sound healing (including tuning forks, singing bowls, chime pipes, drums, flutes, voice and meditative music)
    • Gentle acupressure (using touch and tuning forks)
    • Deep listening
    • Vigiling
  • Facilitate relaxation and ease stress and anxiety for clients as they approach end of life 
  • Empower both the dying person and their relatives to approach end-of-life with greater awareness, understanding and autonomy,  by offering holistic and practical end-of-life guidance and support.
  • Complete your own Personal Wishes at End of Life folder.  This folder will include your Last Will and Testament, Advance Care Plan and Funeral Wishes, thereby enabling you to also support your clients to address these practical end of life issues.  
  • Carefully manage your own self-care needs whilst attending to the needs of the dying

The completion of case studies, written assignments, additional reading and maintaining a self-reflective journal and Personal Wishes folder are required as part of the qualification criteria, as well as attendance of all training modules, completion of First Aid Training and demonstration that you have an understanding of Anatomy and Physiology.  Certification is awarded following an assessment of theory, practical and personal development work.

The course is open to anyone interested in being able to offer holistic end-of-life care centred specifically around sound healing. 

Entry requirement: Completion of the IHHT Tuning for Self-Care workshop which introduces the principles of sound healing for self-care is a prerequisite of this course.  

Dates and Location:

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 commencement of this course has been postponed.  Further information will be uploaded shortly.



Course price includes:

  • ALL tuning forks required for certification (rrp £120)
  • Comprehensive training manual (PDF) with free lifetime updates
  • 7-days face-to-face training
  • Ongoing tutor support
  • Practical Assessment
  • IHHT Practitioner’s Certificate (upon successful completion)


  • Travel and accommodation costs
  • Cancellation insurance