Life Coaching

Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

The 21st Century – with its fast-changing technologies, whirlwind social media frenzy, and seemingly constant pressures on time, work and family life – has left many of us feeling exhausted; depleted of time, energy and sometimes even hope.
We are constantly rushing from one thing to the next – whether it’s business meetings, school events, kids’ clubs; work, family or leisure-related – we always seem to be rushing. Day to day life has stripped us of much of our spare time, leaving little space for proper rest, relaxation and introspection.
The resulting negative emotions of stress, anxiety and frustration are sadly commonplace these days; a reflection of the disconnect between what we want to do in life, and what we find ourselves doing.
Coaching offers a positive, constructive and caring antidote to the very specific challenges of 21st Century living.
Life CoachingLife coaching is a solution-focused approach to personal growth and development that can help you make profoundly positive and lasting changes to your life. It is about inspiring, motivating and liberating helping you to reclaim who you truly are – to re-discover real meaning, fulfillment and joy in life.
Life coaching enables you to develop greater self-awareness and therefore greater personal power. It helps you identify and liberate yourself from negative beliefs and limiting patterns of behaviour.
Life coaching is about personal empowerment and transformation – it brings freedom, confidence and growth.
“Suzi has given me the confidence to believe more in myself and not to always try and do too much, especially for others. She has helped me connect with my inner gut or soul, to listen to the signs and act on them with confidence. ” HH, Devon

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life CoachingLife coaching involves a structured programme of coaching over 3, 6 or 12 months that has, at its core, the goal of bringing about significant positive change.

We will start off by identifying what it is that is blocking you right now, finding ways in which to dissolve those blocks, and setting clearly defined, achievable goals to help you move forward.

During the course of our work together you will change the way you think and act. Goals that may have seemed difficult or impossible will become attainable. You will learn new tools and techniques to help you develop greater self-awareness, greater self-confidence and a believe that you can and will move forward.

These tools and techniques will be available to you now and in the future.

My passion and core belief is to develop and nurture personal empowerment. The knowledge, insights and skills you learn in our work together are all tools that you will be able to apply to different areas and at different times of your life. Coaching will bring you the opportunity to develop lasting change and move forward into a more fulfilling, more meaningful and more rewarding future.

The difference between Life Coaching and Counselling/Psychotherapy

Unlike counselling, life coaching doesn’t deal with issues or problems of the past; it focuses on the present – bringing about positive changes in your current beliefs and behaviours, in order to create a more exciting, fulfilling and rewarding future.