KC (Bedfordshire)

” Suzi’s journey with her own soul has enabled her to reach to the horizon of the source that says “I am complete”. She has my deepest respect for the beautiful work that she does. I recommend her with my heart and soul.”


DW (Cornwall)

“I recommend Suzi wholeheartedly. She is totally amazing at what she does. She has a gift that one cannot learn – that is her compassion and focused belief in her client. She allows you to feel very special, no rushing, or clock watching. Thank you Suzi…you are very special.” 


RS (Devon)

” Suzi has a very sincere, deep and grounded energy; full of wisdom, respect and patience. Every contact I have ever had with Suzi has been memorable, rich and positively powerful.” – RS (Devon)


DS (Devon)

“With Suzi ‘s incredible knack of looking and searching in all the nooks and crannies of the subconscious mind, and using her deep intuition, we were able to find the core issue and belief and clear it quickly using EFT. The issue has never returned and I felt finally free of something that had hurt emotionally so very much”.


LW (Herts)

” Suzi is a beautiful soul, full of wisdom from the earth as well as the cosmic. Her energy is positive, enabling, inspiring, transformative and super nurturing.” 


DM (Devon)

” A fantastic EMPOWER YOURSELF workshop today. Action packed with practical advice and self-help tools to help us stand in our power. A safe and nurturing environment to learn, share and explore. Thank you”. 


VH (Devon)

“ From the first session I felt safe and comfortable talking through very difficult experiences with Suzi. She is so intuitive and sensitive and I love the way she works holistically drawing on all her skills. I firmly believe that I would not be in the happy, healthy place I am today without the  work that I did with Suzi. I strongly believe everyone should have EFT.”


AS (Devon)

“ Your range of expertise and knowledge is wide ranging and in-depth, and I love the way that you work on so many different levels and dimensions with a profound understanding. Thank you, thank you.” 


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