Therapy Taster Sessions

Come and try a taster session of Reiki or Sound Healing before committing to a full length treatment or multi-session package.

There are a limited number of slots available each week, so booking in advance is essential. If you can complete a confidential client record form in advance of your taster session, we can make maximise the length of time you will experience the treatment. I will send you a link to this form once you have made your booking.

Flexibility with booking times may vary according to the number of slots available each week. Once I have received your booking form I will contact you to arrange a suitable time.

Each person attending a taster session will receive a further £5 discount off their first full Reiki or Sound Healing treatment.


The Hen House
Coombe Farm


Tuesdays and Wednesdays

How much


(ideally paid in advance via the booking form link below to maximise your treatment time on the day)

How long

Each taster session will last 35 minutes (5 minutes of which involves the initial consultation upon arrival)